vegetable cutting slicing dicing shredding machine

Brief introduction of the vegetable cutter slicer
The vegetable cutter machine can accurately cut "slices, silk, strips" and work efficiently. It can be applied to roots and leaves, and the speed of conveyor belt and the speed of turning can be adjusted by inverter, and can be controlled independently. -Multi-purpose machine, powerful, large output, easy to change the cutter head, easy to operate, easy to clean, suitable for food processing plants, catering industry, canteen, catering distribution center.
Raw materials can be used for the vegetable cutter:
This vegetable cutting machine is suitable for cutting a variety of long strips of vegetables, such as cabbage, cucumber, green onions, peppers, etc. And by changing the knives, it can also shred or slice the raw materials into needed shape.
1. Root vegetables, potatoes, sweet potatoes, eggplant, onion, bamboo shoots, lemon, lotus root, tomato, cucumber, broad beans,okra, carrot,
2. leaf vegetables: celery, Chinese cabbage, Korea food, spinach
Main features of the vegetable cutter machine:
1)High quality blade
The blade is made of 304 stainless steel, high quality, not easy to wear, and the blade can be replaced to extend the life of the machine. The cutting shape can be changed by adjusting the speed of the blade.
2)Independent electric control cabinet
The independent control cabinet controls the operation of the machine to ensure safe operation. The buttons on the control cabinet are simple and easy to operate.
3)conveyor belt
The vegetables are continuously placed on the conveyor belt and passed through the conveyor belt into the cutting inlet for continuous cutting. The width of the vegetable cut can be adjusted by adjusting the speed of the conveyor belt.
Vegetable cutter operation instruction
I. Machine check before starting
1) Ensure the machine be flat and stable on the ground.
2) Ensure the well lockage of the adjustable parts and fixed screws of the machine.
3) The power is correctly connected. The power light is on and the frequency converter is in power.
4) Adjust the knife plate based on requirements and make sure they are well fixed.
II. Operation method for roots vegetables
1) start the root vegetable cutting push button, making the motor bring the knives into rotation. The aluminum plate double knives rotate in fixed speed.
2) Put the raw materials into input area and they will be cut automatically.
3) Materials input speed must be even and shall avoid to be too fast.
III. Operation method for leafy vegetables
1) Equip the knife plate based on cutting requirement.
2) Start the machine and adjust the knife speed and conveyor speed based on cutting requirement.
3) Put the materials into the conveyor belt in even speed in neat and tidy condition.
IV. Maintenance and Notice
1) please be careful not to put the stone or metals into the input.
2) To clean the machine completely after finishing processing of one raw materials and then another to avoid the mixture of the materials.
3) After finish using of the machine, must well clean the machine. The spraying water can only use to wash knife plate and conveyor belt.
4) Grind the knife on regular occasion.
5) When there is abnormal operation and noise, the machine must be checked after power off.




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