Fruit and Vegetable High Pressure Air Bubble Washing Machine
Air bubble cleaning machine is mainly used to the clean of the vegetables, seafood, dates, carrots, apple, potatoes and sweet potatoes. It is specially suitable to the clean of the vegetables and fruits grown in the mud. It has high cleaning degree and can keep the original colors of the vegetables and fruits.
Features of the air bubble cleaning line:
1)save water, electricity and time. clean and hygienic.
2)No damage to the vegetables. High efficiency, covering little space. safe and reliable.
3)Easy to install and convenient to operate and maintain. low energy consumption.
The air bubble making machine is made of stainless steel. strong and durable in use. And there is no damage to the raw materials. The machine can save labor and water with stable and reliable performance. The washed materials is triple as clean as the normally manual cleaning. Using high pressure water current and air bubble occur device to strike the surface of the raw materials,the energy produced during rupture of the air bubble and materials contact will have striking and washing effect to the surface of the materials and then wash the materials into cleaning condition.
And the brushes installed in the machine can effectively clean the hair in the materials. High pressure water current makes materials into rolling state, getting rid of the pesticide residue. the floating materials can flow out from the overflow tank. the sediments are discharged from the outlet.
Air bubble blast wave principle ensures the cleanness of the surface of vegetable and fruits, improving more than 50% working efficiency and effectively killing the noxious bacteria. The vegetables separation plate can separate the vegetables and washed sands and mud, lowering turbidity degree of water and improving water circulation rate in large degree. It can save 80% water and is labor-saving. Easy and convenient to operate. Low energy consumption, hygienic, safe and high efficiency.

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