Industrial potato carrot washing and peeling machine
Brief introduction of potato washer and peeler:
Potato washer and peeler machine is the specially designed washing and peeling machine for vegetables with roots or stem such as carrot, sweet potato, ginger and potatoes. Based on the features of the processed materials, hard brush and soft brush can be chosen to avoid the damage to the raw materials. The machine is made from food grade 304 stainless steel with automatic spraying device which can wash and get rid of the mud completely. And it is also equipped with motor overheating and leakage protection device. Convenient in operation. It is suitable equipment for hotel, restaurant, canteen for college and enterprises as well as food processing factory.
Detailed introduction of the machine:
1. Brushes on the machine use nylon type with refined technology. It is wear resistant and can make material more clean and lustrous.
2. Driven by double row of chains. It is wear-resistant with strong endurance and reliable.
3. Whole type geared motor with lower noise and longer lifespan.
4. Butter tube supplies butter. It is more convenient to add butter.
5. Whole machine is made from 304 stainless steel. Strong and durable in use. Roller wheels make it easier to move.
Application scope:
Carrot, sweet potato, potato, onion, dasheen, cassava, ginger,Turnip, radish and lotus root
Technical Parameter:

Features and Advantages:
1. Reasonable design and structure. Materials can be easily put into the washing tank to clean the mud.
2. Can completely clean the mud. Save time, water and electricity. After peeling, products are clean and hygienic without the crack and damage. Color is bright and fresh.
3. Materials with same size can be mixed to clean and peel.

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