automatic plantain chips production equipment

Best quality automatic banana chips making machine

List of Machines :

1. Banana slicer : To cut banana slices

2. Automatic batch fryer for banana chips: To fry banana slices in oil

3. De-oiling conveyor for banana chips : To remove oils from fried chips while conveying

4. Automatic seasoning machine for banana chips : To apply seasoning on fried banana chips

5. Automatic pouch packing machine for banana chips : To pack banana chips in plastic pouches

Machine Features

 ✔ Optimally designed machines for best performance

 ✔ Efficient control panel to control all the important operative parameters easily

✔ Equipment built to the latest hygiene standards

✔ Robust machines to work continuously 24 hours a day

✔ Easy to clean to maintain high food safety standards

✔ Very low maintenance and operating cost

✔ All product contact parts are made up of food grade material

✔ Sturdy design to ensure long life and trouble-free operation

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