Fried bread stick frying machine
Continuous Fryer Available from 1 Ton per day to 5 Ton Per day Capacity.
Fuel Options: Gas, Wood, Electric, Diesel fired
The continuous fryer fries products in a hot oil closed system. For optimal crispy and well-fried results, products are guided gently through hot oil and evenly heated on all sides. Adjustable oil temperature and belt speed offer optimal cooking process control. For energy supply, the machine can be fitted with either electric heating elements or thermal heating registers.
Excellent Product Efficiency.
Machine belt widths correspond with usual market sizes so the fryer fits easily in a wide variety of production lines.
• Frying is an important heat treatment step in your production process. The coating is fixed and your products acquire their attractive, golden crispy finish and taste. Frying contributes to food safety, product quality, taste, presentation, and prolonged shelf life.
• Marel allows you to deep- or flash fry your product at consistent, high standards. Our fryer is equipped with a highly sophisticated oil management system for extended oil life and thus better yield.
Continuous oil circulation between the fryer, filter, and heat exchanger provides precise control of temperature and rapid adjustment to product load changes.
• Optimally fixating your coating and giving your product that perfect crunchy layer and irresistible appearance • Precise frying control • Specially engineered oil inlet maintains positive oil flow to clear the product infeed area without back eddies or undercurrents.
Circulating oil keeps fines in suspension for efficient removal. Every minute, 100% of the system oil volume passes through a filter to remove product particles for the highest oil and product quality.
• Fryer metering paddles and a submerged conveyor control cook times for consistently uniform product. • Superior oil quality Low oil volume and rapid oil turnover assure fresh products with a long shelf life. The optimal oil level is automatically maintained. • Continuous filtration
Our Multi-Zone Potato Chip Fryers deliver the ultimate in processing flexibility. Create custom temperature profiles to produce traditional, ultralight or kettle-style chips all from the same fryer. Produce 4,200 finished lbs/hr with a centrifugal oil filter (shown in image above-center).
Standard fryers are available for 400 to over 6,500 lbs/hr (182 to 2,951 kg/hr) of finished potato chips. Batch, multi-zone, and fabricated chip fryers are also available for a variety of capacities. Oil is introduced and removed at different points along with the fryer pan for precise control of temperature, product flow, and fines removal. Fry at lower temperatures to produce lighter color chips. All chips receive the same exposure to oil for uniform cooking.
• Easy to operate
The cleaning solution follows the same path as oil for thorough sanitation. Clean-in-place spray nozzles in the hood and exhaust stack clean all areas above the oil path. Self-locking motorized screw jacks raise the hood and paddle/submerge conveyor clear of the pan for complete cleaning access. Summary of benefits: • Suitable for a wide range of products and production lines • PLC control with touch screen • Extended oil life • Effective and efficient waste removal
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