Potato chips electric frying machine

150 kg/h Electric Automatic Potato Chips Onion Frying Machine for Snacks can be customized according to your products, productivity, and process. Please let us know your requirements so that we can introduce you to the most suitable frying machine. The whole machine is made of food-grade stainless steel. The frying temperature and frying time is adjustable and automatically controlled.


The following features of Potato chips electric frying machine can be made for order.

Conveyor Belt: Its pattern is up to the characteristics of the products, e.g. woven wire belt, flat wire belt, punching drill, etc.

Lifting System: Conveyor belt can be lifted for cleaning.

Coarse Filtration System: It can filter & collect coarse oil-dreg.

Scraper System: It can scrape out the bottom oil sludge.

Hot Oil Circulation System: Keep oil temperature even.

Oil Storage Device: It can store oil and deposit the residue.

Oil Supply System: Abnormal Temperature Safety Device:, Special Module:, etc can be tailored as required.

Please provide the below information for our reference.

Ø The materials you want to fry, the shape, size, weight, and pictures.

ØProductivity. (e.g. 100kg/hr)

ØHeating Source. (e.g. electric/gas/diesel/thermal oil/LPG)

ØFrying temperature. (e.g. 180∘C)

ØFrying time. (e.g. 3 minutes)

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