Fresh potato chip automatic product line

Potato Chips Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process of Potato Chips is relatively simple.


Sorting Potatoes:

Firstly, potatoes are sorted as per the requirement, the potatoes selected for wafers should be large oval shape free from disease and fully matured. It should have the least number of eyes to cut down the losses by trimming.


Washing & Peeling:

Next, the potatoes are washed thoroughly in water and peeled manually with stainless steel peeler or with the help of an abrasive potato peeling machine, the skin is washed away with sprays of water. Then it is placed in water to prevent browning of the potatoes.



After peeling, they are sliced with the help of a slicing machine into thin slices which are 0.4 to 0.5 cm thick. The slices are then immersed in cold water. If there is a delay in the next step, the slices are kept in water containing 0.05% potassium meta bi-sulfate to avoid oxidation.



After slicing, the potato slices are blanched for 3 to 5 minutes in boiling water and spread on trays. The inconsistent slices are removed from the batch and then it is moved to frying.


Drying & Frying:

Then the blanched potato slices are dried using the spin dryer or hydro extractor to remove the excess amount of moisture from the chips. Later, they are fried in the deep fat fryer at 1900 degrees Celsius for 3-4 minutes. It is then kept on a sieve to cool and to remove the excess of oil.



Once it is cooled, flavors like salt, spices, etc. are sprayed on the chips as per the required taste with the help of salting drums.



Lastly, the chips are sealed in a plastic bag with the help of vacuum sealing machines and packed in cardboard boxes, then delivered to the clients.

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