Automatic potato chips fryer machine

Brief introduction of Chicken nugget fryer:

Chicken burger fryer is the necessary fryer machine in potato chips, frozen French fries, banana chips, onion ring frying process.The frying machine of Shandong Bayi Food Industry Equipment Co.,Ltd. adopts double layer mesh structure.  Temperature automatic control system can control the working conditions of heating system to ensure the needed frying temperature. The fryer machine is equipped with hydraulic testing device.  When oil level is lower than needed position, oil addition pump is turned on to add oil to the fryer. This fryer is suitable to many products such as rice crust, puff snacks and potato chips.


Heating method for the Chips Frying Machine are: coal, wood pellets, woods, natural gas, electricity, thermal oil, diesel



Application of  Frying Machine:

Materials can be dealt by  Automatic Fryer Machine are various: French fries,Chicken legs,Hamburgers,Meat dumplings,Nuts and seeds, Eggplant and zucchini rings,Dough products,Nuggets,Croutons, onion rings, chicken fillet, meatball, peanuts, tortilla chips, bugles, Temperu,Namkeen


Advantages of  China continuous frying machine  :

1) Use double layer mesh conveyor system

2)frying time is adjusted by frequency converter.

3)frame of the fryer is welded by stainless steel pipelines.

4)mesh belt uses stainless steel type. stainless steel conveyor chains at the two sides of the fryer.

5) Aluminum silicate insulation materials are put between the inner and outer part of the fryer to lessen the loss of the heating.

6)inner part of the fryer uses stainless steel plate.   And water pressure test is done to make sure no leakage of the fryer body.


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