Chicken Nuggets Frying Machine

1.Continuous Frying Machine

It is a fryer which customized for frying the hamburger ,tempura,chicken nuggets, twisted cruller ,churros,dough twist,battered meat,breading meat, semi-floating foods, meat pies, fish etc.

2.Features of Continuous Frying Machine

① It is made of stainless steel 304

② The feeding part is made of Teflon, prevent the meat sticking with the belt

③ The lifting system can be designed into screw lifting device

④ The electrical parts are Omron or Siemens

⑤ PLC control system can be chosen

⑥ LPG/Natural Gas/Electric/Diesel can be chosen

⑦ Automatic oil-filling device

⑧ There is a automatic temperature control  system,when it is anomaly temperature,the safeguard will work and give a alarm.

⑨ Electricity leaking protector is equipped

3. The main processing ways:

① Forming machine--Battering machine--Breading machine--Fryer--Spiral freezing machine

② Forming machine-Battering machine--Preduster(flouring) machine--Tempura battering machine--Fryer--Spiral freezing machine

③ Forming machine--Ball rolling machine--fryer--cooking machine--Spiral freezing machine

④ Forming machine--Preduster( flouring) machine--Tempura battering machine--Fryer--Spiral freezing machine

⑤ Preduster(flouring) machine--Tempura battering machine--fresh breading machine--Fryer--Spiral freezing machine

⑥ Breader--Batter--Breader--Fryer--Spiral freezing machine

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