Vacuum dough kneading machine

Brief introduction vacuum dough mixer

1)Dough mixing time and vacuum degree can be set based on technical requirement. The body has good sealing effect and no leakage phenomenon of the wheat flour.

2)The vacuum dough mixer imitates manual dough mixing principle. Under vacuum condition, the gluten network can be formed quickly. The water volume can increase about 20% on the basis of normal technology.

3)The quick mixing makes wheat protein absorb water content in the shortest time. Dough ripening degree can be twice as much as normal situation. And it will not destroy the formed protein gluten network structure.

4)Balanced protein tissue structure makes the dough more chewy and elastic than those made by other ways.

5)The finished products has even dough, more elastic with smooth surface, delicious, chewy with high degree of transparency.

6)V-type plate paddles are rotated along with the axis of the main shaft in the dough body.  Because the paddles push the dough to both sides, there is no uneven force phenomenon and the machine can run stably.

7)Paddles that are fixed on the main shaft will have the cylinder shape motion track. At the same time, axial force produce by pushing the dough is neutralized. The machine is more stable in operation and lengthens lifespan.

8)Vacuum dough mixer is mainly composed of machine frame, machine body, rotating dough mixer, dough mixing cover, transmission part, vacuum part and electric control part.

9)Machine frame is welded by 4mm of thickness stainless steel 304 square tubes. All the parts are installed on the machine frame. Wheels on the machine can be adjustable to adapt to different kinds of ground.

10)Machine body is made from stainless steel 304 and composed by dough body, cover and mixing paddle. Mixing paddle uses V-type structure, which makes the whole machine get more even force.

11)Pedestal of the paddle shaft is very flat by using special technology, ensuring the stability of machine running.  Reinforced plates are put inside and outside of the paddle to make it work more reliable and easy to clean.

12)Rotation of the body is realized by the driven of worm gear reducer to the screws.   Screws have safety spare nuts, ensuring the safety of the users. In emergency situation, press the “stop” or “power” button, the power is off.

13)Transmission part is composed by motor, reducer, gear and chains.

14) Vacuum system uses water circulation vacuum pump, safe and hygienic. Also it has vacuum gauge, vacuum electromagnetic valve and pipeline.

15) Operation panel is composed of Chinese and English button and PLC computer screen.

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