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Delivery of vacuum fried line to clients

TIME:2020/3/30 10:13:47

On March 26, we delivered a whole set of vacuum fried line to our clients. Hope our machines create maximum wealth for our clients.

A vacuum fryer is a machine designed to fry vegetables, fruit, fish, and meat at low temperatures. The equipment has the ability to reduce the oil content of the food, sometimes well below 15 percent. It can also help to inhibit the loss of nutrients that commonly occurs with food cooked or fried at high temperatures. The vacuum fryer also maintains the food item’s color, consistency, and flavor. Food fried with this frying method can be stored for a longer time than other types of fried food.

Fruit and vegetable chips were made from a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables by low-temperature vacuum frying. The chips maintained the original color, flavor and nutrition of the fruit and vegetable and without the use of chemical additives, it has many advantages like low fat, low calorie and high fiber characteristics, crispy and delicious, good for health.



1) Vacuum frying is a process to vacuum fry and deoil food under rather low temperatures.

2) The vacuum fry can prevent the loss of nutrients of the food from high temperatures, and it can keep effectively the original colors and flavor of the food and reduce the processing cost.

3) The oil content rate of the food is below 15%.

4) It reserves and condenses well. And it is crisp and delicious.

5) The equipment is made of stainless steel material and it meets the sanitary requirement of the food.

6) It is safe, reliable and easy to operate.

7) The centrifugal deoiling technology for vacuum fry has wide adaptability and unique effect.

8) It is mainly used for fruits (apple, banana, pineapple, peach), vegetables (carrot, pumpkin, snap bean, sweet potato, taro, garlic, green pepper, onion), dry fruits, Chinese date, peanut, and other aquatic products and meats.

This whole set of vacuum fried line is a turnkey project. Bayi professionally technical teams can offer the whole line from machines layout based on workshop layout. The whole vacuum fried line includes the vacuum fryer, washing, and peeling machine, picking line, cutting machine, washing machine, blanching machine, seasoning machine, packaging machine, and auxiliary equipment such as cooling tower, steam generator, etc.

We will help install the machine and teach how to operate the machines on site. And for different materials, our technologist can offer different processing project.

Any inquiry, just feel free to call us.