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Vacuum frying vs normal frying

TIME:2019/7/1 11:06:52

Vacuum frying vs normal frying

Vacuum frying

 normal frying


Frying happens below the boiling point of water, i.e. 100℃(used for steaming the vegetable). so there is no burning of any ingredients.

Frying happens at 200-250℃. At this temperature, burning of ingredients happens.


There is no oxygen so no oxiation of minerals.

There is oxygen in atmosphere reacts with minerals form Oxide like Calcium Oxide, Iron Oxide, Manganese Oxide etc.

Nutrients and vitamins remain upto 99.99% intact.

Nutrient and vitamin get destroyed by more than 50%.

The natural fiber remains intact upto 100%.

The natural fiber get broken by upto 100%.

The absorption of oil reduced by 50% in vacuum than the normal frying.

The oil content is between 25%-45%.


Less prone to absorb moisture and even degrade at 50% slower speed than the normal fried in open.

Absorb moisture fast & degrade in 2-3 days if opened.


There is authenticity of the taste.

There is not originality in taste so lots of spices are used to make it better in taste.

Shape, color and texture of the products remains close to original in vacuum frying.


Shape, color and texture of the products change and deformation °radation take place.