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Indian Clients visit our factory for jackfruit vacuum fryer

TIME:2010/9/7 16:25:18

Jackfruit chips vacuum frying machine

I. Merits of vacuum frying

Ø Preserve natural color

With vacuum frying it is easier to maintain natural colors and flavours of the finished product. Due to the lower temperatures applied (approx. 130 °C (266 °F)), the formation of suspected carcinogen acrylamide is significantly lower than in standard atmospheric fryers, where the frying temperature is approx. 170 °C (338 °F).

Ø Low moisture content <6%

Ø Reduced shrinkage

Ø Low water activity <0.3

Ø Heat sensitive nutrients-preserve 90% of trans-carotene

Ø Prevention of carcinogenic compounds formation-97% less acrylamide in potato chips

Ø Reduce the fat content--80-85% less oil in potato chips

Ø Suitable for high sugar content products

Ø The oil content rate of the food is below 15%.

Ø  The centrifugal deoiling technology for vacuum fry has wide adaptability and unique effect.

Ø Less adverts effects on oil quality

The temperature in vacuum frying is low enough to retain the natural color and flavor of food while giving it a crispy texture. The food absorbs less oil which makes it healthier to eat. Since less oil is absorbed, frying oil turnover is greatly reduced. Furthermore, oil deterioration in vacuum frying is slower since it only uses about 100 °C to 130 °C which are not high enough to accelerate oil degradation during frying.