chicken nugget continuous fryer production line

Ø Automatic Hamburger Forming Machine with Chicken Nugget Mould

Forming machine for the forming meat or MDM into the shape of chicken nuggets.

Ø Preduster Machine

Optional: A flouring / preduster machine for coating / dusting of the formed chicken nuggets. The preduster helps with higher yields, better adhesion of the batter and a more even coating of batter.

Ø Battering Machine

battering machine with upper and lower conveyors which dip the chicken nuggets into the batter bath for an even coating of batter.

Ø Crumbing Machine

breading / crumbing machine to coat the chicken nuggets with crumb.

Ø Continuous Fryer

Continuous fryer for the in-line frying of the chicken nuggets.

PRE: 10 sets of vacuum fr NEXT: NO