Fully Automatic Plantain Chips Processing Plant

Brief introduction of Automatic banana chips line

Banana chips or plantain chips can be fried in high temperature or low temperature. If high temperature frying, we need to use the continuous fryer machine. If low temperature frying, we need to use the vacuum fryer machine. The banana chips produced by both way are very popular snacks. Here we mainly introduce the high temperature banana chips production line.


Flow chart of the high temperature banana chips production line:

Raw materials---manual peeling-------banana slicing----blanching-------air drying hoisting----first frying------vibration---sugar dipping---second frying----vibration------packaging.

Detailed instruction of the high temperature banana chips production line machines

1. Banana slicer: For small capacity we can use the small type banana slicer. For large industrial capacity, we need to use the vegetable cutter type slicer just by changing the cutting knives.

2. Banana chips blanching machine:

Fruit and vegetable blanching machine is used to cook all kinds of fruits and vegetables so that the original color of the products can be kept. The blanching machine inhibits the enzyme activity of the fruits and vegetables, keeping the fresh color and fragrance, increasing the softness of the cell and beneficial to water evaporation.

3. Banana chips air drying hoister:

To get rid of the water in the banana chips and convey the banana chips to the fryer.

4. First fryer machine:

Heating source for the fryer are versatile to choose: coal, electricity, gas, thermal oil and diesel etc. The length and effective width of the mesh belt is based on the capacity needed.

5. First Vibration screener

To avoid the banana chips to stick together.

6. Sugar dipping tank

To get the banana chips deeply immersed in the tank to add sugar for the banana chips.

7. Second fryer machine:

To fry the banana chips again.

8. Second vibration screener

To avoid the banana chips to stick together. And here we also add the stainless tank and spraying nozzles to spray the banana essence to the banana chips to make it taste like banana flavor.

9. Packaging machine

Multihead packaging machine or vertical packaging machine can be chosen based on specific packaging requirements.

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