Low Temperature banana chips Vacuum Frying Machine

Batch Type Banana Chips Vacuum fryer

First, vacuum fryer is an intermittent or batch type vacuum fryer. Technically, this is a device which is primarily used for deep-frying food. The frying occurs inside a chamber which reduces the amount of oil that is absorbed by food. Hence, it considered as a healthier alternative to common fryers. Today, it has been widely used for commercial purposes in frying various types of food such as fruits chips and vegetable chips.

Vacuum frying is a suitable processing method for the production of high quality fruit crispy. With this technology, fruits which are abundant and sometimes wasted at harvest season, can be processed and still have high selling price.

The vacuum frying technology produces fruit crispy with original color and fruit aroma and an ideal crispy texture. The crispiness is obtained because the process of moisture content reduction in the fruit occurs gradually.

Vacuum frying of fruits enables frying at lower temperatures compared to atmospheric frying, thereby improving quality attributes of the fried product, such as oil content, texture, retention of nutrients, and color.

Bayi customized vacuum fryer is a kind of equipment for deep-fat frying designed to fry under reduced pressure and in a closed system that lowers the boiling point of both oil and water in food. Due to the application of pressure below atmospheric (vacuum) pressure, water in the food material rapidly vaporizes at increased rate when the food products is immersed in hot oil. Also, under vacuum, the food material expands and allows further removal of trapped moisture.

The vacuum frying conditions(temperature and time)for various food products varied considerably and there was also a wide variation in the vacuum pressures used.

The choice of the vacuum frying conditions for the food samples was dictated by a range of physical parameters, as well as pre-treatment conditions.

There was no other way to design a vacuum frying process for a specific product except to carry out experiments to obtain an optimized process.

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